Navy Blue & You

Kitchen refresh: Navy & Ginger Jars

If you didn’t know, Navy blue is trending this Summer season! Whether it’s nautical theme or Ginger Jar inspired, there is something for everyone’s style aesthetic. Over the weekend I was in pursuit to update my kitchen decor. I went out browsing, as my new found love of Ginger Jars had me on a mission. I traveled from Ross Stores at Bakers Center in North Philadelphia, over to Homegoods at Columbus Crossing Shopping Center and Pier1, both in South Philadelphia to snag the current deals. Going into the July 4th weekend, you can catch a really good bargain on the last of the Spring season sales. Most stores are starting to transition their marketing into Fall, skipping over the Summer season. (Side note: If you’re looking for outdoor patio furniture, now is the time!)

Back to Navy Blue — Homegoods currently has an ample selection of Ginger Jars. Ross is another option but quantities and selection are hit and miss. Although, Ross came in top for best deals at half the price ranging from $6.99 – $14.99 depending upon size. Ginger jars at Homegoods started at $16.99 – $39.99 for size as well. As for tablescapes and kitchenware, Pier1 had the best selection. Everything you need, you can find at Pier1 making it a one-stop-shop. I snagged a deal in the clearance section for wooden napkin rings, originally $2.95 on sale for $0.68. I couldn’t resist and such a classic design, you can match with mostly any color scheme.

For links to the deals mentioned above, click the hyperlinks in the photo gallery and in this article. For more Navy Blue and Ginger Jar inspiration, head over to my Pinterest page. Happy Summer!