The Process

The quintessential blueprint to every goal— taking your vision from ideal to conception.  It’s the actionable item; the physical work to execute your goals.

Many of us are so fixated on a thing that we often forget in order to achieve it, it will take some real commitment.  Whether it’s losing weight, starting a venture, changing your mindset—it all takes consistency.  Building that consistency is the process; it doesn’t just happen overnight.  The process should be well defined in order to execute effectively.  It should be thoroughly thought out with all contingencies. It’s not a quick fix!

In business, it means a lot of research – service/product in mind, market and demographic research, cost analysis and potential profit margin projections, risk and profit/loss assessments – and so much more. This is what it takes just to get started.  Although, remember that word “contingency” I mentioned? Your process needs to include a plan B, and an Exit Strategy.  Think about the “What if?”.  Should you need to sell or dissolve your business, what will that process look like as well?  Sorry, I didn’t make the rules.

If you’re planning on being a sustainable and viable business, you must do the research.  Know what it is your audience wants and the most effective way to deliver it.  There are no wrong ideas; just a lot of trial and error.  As I always say, there is a market and clientele for everything!  What you may think is far-fetched, someone needs.  In the process, it’s your job to figure out all the logistics.

In your personal life, this could be starting a new habit or getting rid of one.  For instance, diet and exercise.  You have a health goal in mind.  What will it take to achieve it?  You’ll have to start with assessing your current state of health.  What’s the goal?  Are there any variables such as medications or existing medical diagnosis that must be factored in?  What are your physical or dietary limitations or restrictions?  As always, talk with your medical provider before starting any regimen.

Overwhelmed yet?  Here’s a simple process you can implement to get started:  

  1. What’s your goal?  Write it down.
  2. Map it out!  Create a process – the actionable steps needed to achieve your goal.
    1. If this is a business venture, think “Product, People, Promotion, Price, & Place.
  3. Manpower.  Does your goal require support? Think of people you can recruit to help you achieve your goal.
  4. Cost.  What will you have to financially sacrifice (if applicable)?  How will you save to meet this goal?  Fundraising, friends and family, or savings?
  5. Time & effort.  How much time will it take to achieve your goal?  Where do you find time out of your schedule to commit?
  6. Contingency Plan.  What’s the leak-proof plan to have in place if the unexpected occurs, or if Plan A simply doesn’t work?

Remember, “The Process” takes time, consideration and effort.  It will require you to adjust and amend as needed, particularly if external variables such as people and resources affect your plan.  Lastly, be patient with yourself.  Allow yourself some grace when you miss the mark or fall off target.  If you show up every day, you’re being intentional.  Celebrate! You’re one stop closer in executing the goal.

Stay the course!


One thought on “The Process

  1. tsingleton2213

    THIS. IS. RIGHT. ON. TIME. Suga Plum you know what my struggles are and THIS put things into perspective for me. Thank you so much for posting this. I will definitely follow these guidelines.


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