Village Raised

I’m a native North Philly girl, HBCU grad, Mother, and Entrepreneur. I’m a daughter and granddaughter of the late Eleanor Hamilton’s bloodline. I appreciate all things centered in art, music, and culture. I LOVE hip-hop! I consider graffiti the art of a people rooted from past traumas — an expression that cannot be boxed into a genre. I LOVE meeting new people, fashion, traveling, and fine dining — did I mention “fashion”, my past-time love?!

I have accomplished friends, a sisterhood of entrepreneurs, a dope family, and brilliant daughter! I’m proud — not egotistical nor self-centered — just a sense of pride in the people, causes and purpose in which I serve.  What inspires me most is seeing people exceed beyond their circumstances. Folks who are rooted in their faith and doing the work keeps me humble, grounded, and motivated!

No man is an island! I was village-raised. That holds a weight of responsibility to educate, invest, and pour into a generation of children who lack resources, support, guidance, and sometimes love. It’s my mission! A purpose-driven path in life to educate utilizing ALL my gifts, talents and abilities.

#Art #Faith #Culture #Community

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