Interior Styling

What I love about interior styling and organization is incorporating personality into the design. For years, I’ve feed and honed my talents by curating spaces for friends and family. When you know what someone loves and what brings them joy, it’s easy to cultivate a strategy to deliver their vision. This is why I personally get to know clients and have processes in place to know what their ideal decor aesthetic entails.

A few tips to note when planning a DIY styling and organization project at home:

  • Your taste vs your wallet. I highly advise you plan accordingly if your taste outweighs your budget. You may need to save up for projects to get the best results. Don’t be overly anxious to design your space, which may otherwise lead to impulsive spending to achieve a look. Always plan accordingly and consider a reasonable budget for desired outcome.
  • Shop your home. Style doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Learn how to revamp a space simply by changing out existing pieces you already own. For most home decor enthusiast, we generally have a box or space of unused treasures. Whether its seasonal or otherwise just doesn’t fit into your current design, pull them out to see if you can marry items into your new project.
  • Multi-functional Furniture. Are you making the most of your furniture pieces? Can it serve a different purpose within a space. Transition that bar-cart into a nightstand! Or use your bookcase as a media center for your television and gaming devices. Furniture doesn’t always have to be used in traditional ways. Be creative!
  • Pop(s) of color. It honestly doesn’t matter how many colors you use in your design, as long as it’s tied together throughout the space. Choose a base color and build from there. Bring balance to the space by having your base color as your anchor and build upon it with pops of color using accent pillows or rugs.
  • Space real-estate. If your short on square-footage, go up! Consider using pieces that can be stacked. Tower pieces are great for storage.
  • Outlets. Do you have enough electrical sockets in a room for all your devices? Extension cords and power strips are ideal in order to operate efficiently. If you’re like me, you’ll need outlets for diffusers, and hand-held devices, cell phones, etc.

Drop a comment here in this blog or share a picture on Instagram and use the hashtag #hamiltonluxe . Happy decorating!

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