Valentines Day Pop-UP Event

On Thursday, February 11, 2021, Hamilton Luxe debuted its first “HL Virtual Events” of the year. The evening included conversations, food and drink display, and highlighted two tablescape options — Romantic dinner for two; and an option for hosting a loved one or child(ren). The goal was to inspire elevating in-home dining experiences; and to create a personalized and memorable occasion for those who have partners or not; and those who are with or without children to consider. Each tablescape option was thoughtfully executed with all the details!

Musical selections were offered for entertaining older guest, such as jazz, instrumental cover songs, and contemporary Christian artist i.e. Kierra Sheard and Jonathan McReynolds. For those who preferred more trendy urban music, R&B artist such as Jill Scott and Terrance Blanchard were recommended. All musical recommendations and conversation suggestions considered children, and therefore were free of explicit language.

When thinking about ways to elevate your tablescape for a special evening, framed menus always make for beautiful décor. They are simple, affordable and come in many styles and colors. I always opt for metallic frames in gold and silver. You can also opt for a framed photograph from a first date, prior special occasions shared, or favorite picture of the individual(s) you are hosting. Other personalization touches include place-cards, greeting cards, or love notes placed on the table or atop of plating.

When entertaining children, food is a big part of the evening. There are many ways to liven up and elevate the dining experience for little ones as well. If you are having their favorites such as pizza or burgers, opt for flat bread pizzas and burger sliders instead of mom’s average homemade burgers and takeout pizza nights. Trader Joe’s is my go-to for hosting dinner parties with a wide selection of appetizer and finger foods. They have a variety of flatbread pizzas with toppings even children will enjoy. For deserts, think o f simple and easy — sponge/angle food cakes, traditional butter or white cake with frosting in colors to commemorate the occasion — pinks (strawberry), reds (white frosting with red food coloring), and whites (vanilla or butter cream). Make it simple, make it easy!

Over all, a great experience was had by all! 1:1 Consultations were also made available to clients for this special event offer as well. Here is what some of our clients had to say about their experience:

“Your Workshop was filled with so many great hospitality ideas. I really loved the meal ideas and the music selection ideas. I’m looking forward to the next one. Also, this week I’m going to challenge myself to set the table and leave it.” – V. Copeland, TX

Interior Styling

What I love about interior styling and organization is incorporating ones personality into the design. For years, I’ve fed and honed my talents by curating spaces for friends and family. When you know what someone loves and what brings them joy, it’s easy to cultivate a strategy to deliver their vision. This is why I personally get to know clients with a process to learn and execute their ideal decor aesthetic.

A few tips to note when planning a DIY styling and organization project at home:

  • Your taste vs your wallet. I highly advise you plan accordingly if your taste outweighs your budget. You may need to save up for projects to get the best results. Don’t be overly anxious to design your space, which may otherwise lead to impulsive spending to achieve a look. Always plan accordingly and consider a reasonable budget for desired outcome.
  • Shop your home. Style doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Learn how to revamp a space simply by changing out existing pieces you already own. For most home decorating enthusiast, we generally have a box or space for unused treasures. Whether it’s seasonal or otherwise items just don’t fit into your current design, pull them out to see if you can marry them into your new project.
  • Multi-functional Furniture. Are you making the most of your furniture pieces? Can it serve a different purpose within a space? Transition that bar-cart into a nightstand! Or use your bookcase as a media center for your television and gaming devices. Furniture doesn’t always have to be used in traditional ways or as advertised. Be creative!
  • Pop(s) of color. It honestly doesn’t matter how many colors you use in your design, as long as it’s tied together throughout the space. Choose a base color and build from there. Let the base color serve as your anchor and build upon it with pops or layers of other colors using accent pillows or rugs.
  • Space real-estate. If you’re short on square-footage, go up! Consider using pieces that can be stacked. Tower pieces are great for storage. In a closet or pantry this could be insert shelving units.
  • Outlets. Do you have enough electrical sockets in a room for all your devices? Extension cords and power strips are ideal in order to operate efficiently. If you’re like me, you’ll need outlets for diffusers, hand-held devices, cell phones, etc.

Drop a comment here in this blog or share a picture on Instagram and use the hashtag #hamiltonluxe . Happy decorating!

Village Raised

I’m a native North Philly girl, HBCU grad, Mother, and Entrepreneur. I’m a daughter and granddaughter of the late Eleanor Hamilton’s bloodline. I appreciate all things centered in art, music, and culture. I LOVE hip-hop! I consider graffiti the art of a people rooted from past traumas — an expression that cannot be boxed into a genre. I LOVE meeting new people, fashion, traveling, and fine dining — did I mention “fashion”, my past-time love?!

I have accomplished friends, a sisterhood of entrepreneurs, a dope family, and brilliant daughter! I’m proud — not egotistical nor self-centered — just a sense of pride in the people, causes and purpose in which I serve.  What inspires me most is seeing people exceed beyond their circumstances. Folks who are rooted in their faith and doing the work keeps me humble, grounded, and motivated!

No man is an island! I was village-raised. That holds a weight of responsibility to educate, invest, and pour into a generation of children who lack resources, support, guidance, and sometimes love. It’s my mission! A purpose-driven path in life to educate utilizing ALL my gifts, talents and abilities.

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The Process

The quintessential blueprint to every goal— taking your vision from ideal to conception.  It’s the actionable item; the physical work to execute your goals.

Many of us are so fixated on a thing that we often forget in order to achieve it, it will take some real commitment.  Whether it’s losing weight, starting a venture, changing your mindset—it all takes consistency.  Building that consistency is the process; it doesn’t just happen overnight.  The process should be well defined in order to execute effectively.  It should be thoroughly thought out with all contingencies. It’s not a quick fix!

In business, it means a lot of research – service/product in mind, market and demographic research, cost analysis and potential profit margin projections, risk and profit/loss assessments – and so much more. This is what it takes just to get started.  Although, remember that word “contingency” I mentioned? Your process needs to include a plan B, and an Exit Strategy.  Think about the “What if?”.  Should you need to sell or dissolve your business, what will that process look like as well?  Sorry, I didn’t make the rules.

If you’re planning on being a sustainable and viable business, you must do the research.  Know what it is your audience wants and the most effective way to deliver it.  There are no wrong ideas; just a lot of trial and error.  As I always say, there is a market and clientele for everything!  What you may think is far-fetched, someone needs.  In the process, it’s your job to figure out all the logistics.

In your personal life, this could be starting a new habit or getting rid of one.  For instance, diet and exercise.  You have a health goal in mind.  What will it take to achieve it?  You’ll have to start with assessing your current state of health.  What’s the goal?  Are there any variables such as medications or existing medical diagnosis that must be factored in?  What are your physical or dietary limitations or restrictions?  As always, talk with your medical provider before starting any regimen.

Overwhelmed yet?  Here’s a simple process you can implement to get started:  

  1. What’s your goal?  Write it down.
  2. Map it out!  Create a process – the actionable steps needed to achieve your goal.
    1. If this is a business venture, think “Product, People, Promotion, Price, & Place.
  3. Manpower.  Does your goal require support? Think of people you can recruit to help you achieve your goal.
  4. Cost.  What will you have to financially sacrifice (if applicable)?  How will you save to meet this goal?  Fundraising, friends and family, or savings?
  5. Time & effort.  How much time will it take to achieve your goal?  Where do you find time out of your schedule to commit?
  6. Contingency Plan.  What’s the leak-proof plan to have in place if the unexpected occurs, or if Plan A simply doesn’t work?

Remember, “The Process” takes time, consideration and effort.  It will require you to adjust and amend as needed, particularly if external variables such as people and resources affect your plan.  Lastly, be patient with yourself.  Allow yourself some grace when you miss the mark or fall off target.  If you show up every day, you’re being intentional.  Celebrate! You’re one stop closer in executing the goal.

Stay the course!


Navy Blue & You

Kitchen refresh: Navy & Ginger Jars

If you didn’t know, Navy blue is trending this Summer season! Whether it’s nautical theme or Ginger Jar inspired, there is something for everyone’s style aesthetic. Over the weekend I was in pursuit to update my kitchen decor. I went out browsing, as my new found love of Ginger Jars had me on a mission. I traveled from Ross Stores at Bakers Center in North Philadelphia, over to Homegoods at Columbus Crossing Shopping Center and Pier1, both in South Philadelphia to snag the current deals. Going into the July 4th weekend, you can catch a really good bargain on the last of the Spring season sales. Most stores are starting to transition their marketing into Fall, skipping over the Summer season. (Side note: If you’re looking for outdoor patio furniture, now is the time!)

Back to Navy Blue — Homegoods currently has an ample selection of Ginger Jars. Ross is another option but quantities and selection are hit and miss. Although, Ross came in top for best deals at half the price ranging from $6.99 – $14.99 depending upon size. Ginger jars at Homegoods started at $16.99 – $39.99 for size as well. As for tablescapes and kitchenware, Pier1 had the best selection. Everything you need, you can find at Pier1 making it a one-stop-shop. I snagged a deal in the clearance section for wooden napkin rings, originally $2.95 on sale for $0.68. I couldn’t resist and such a classic design, you can match with mostly any color scheme.

For links to the deals mentioned above, click the hyperlinks in the photo gallery and in this article. For more Navy Blue and Ginger Jar inspiration, head over to my Pinterest page. Happy Summer!


Growing up in North Philadelphia, you’re probably thinking about it’s share of adversity and challenges — the stories that make the news and not so much in a positive way. But I want you to know a different story. The one where life isn’t always about the struggle but the beauty of it. Growing up in a single parent home didn’t mean lack of structure, nor role models or a hard life. My mother had the help and support of my grandmother and great-grandmother until their passing. I was blessed with aunts and an uncle who provided for me as well. If that didn’t seem like enough, I also had the support of my community — particularly those who were mothers, aunts, or care-givers. I was “village-raised”. I was rich!

I learned about the 4-H club from an elder, whom had an infinite love for her community. She would gather all the children at our neighborhood garden to teach us about planting, and taking care of the earth and harvesting our own food. She invited us into her home and taught us how to make deserts from scratch, and allowed us a safe space. We learned team-work, accountability, leadership, and being dependable and reliable. We competed in city horticultural competitions, and won! We had neighbors who taught us how to sow, how to count money at the corner store and water ice stand. I even learned what it meant to barter and buy goods on credit without the actual plastic. I now understand what it means to create community, faith, and most importantly unconditional love. I had elders that poured into my spirit, fed me when I was hungry, and protected me when I felt alone. I was village-raised, and proud! Rest in Power Ms. Hilda Armstrong.

In loving Memory of Eleanor Hamilton and Bonnie Luck Logan.

*Image credit to Meghan Puhr for Mural Arts Philadelphia Beacon Project