I hope you’ve gotten familiar with the website thus far, and had a moment to read a few of the blog articles throughout the website. In those post you’ll read a little more about my likes and interest, as well as my perspective, and what’s in my heart and on my mind. The pieces discuss family, travel and leisure, business and everything in between. A lot of self-reflection and observation happens as well, as you’ll read in Authenticity, Expectations, and Vulnerability“.

Some lessons, wins and losses shared — all with the hopes of encouraging someone else in their journey. We’re human! We make mistakes, and if we’re honest with ourselves we put our egos aside, apologize to those we’ve hurt, and learn to live, love and fight another day! More importantly, we grant ourselves and others grace.

You get one life! Sometimes we are fortunate to take this journey with others and sometimes it is meant to be traveled alone for a time. Don’t be dismayed! Be patient with yourself, kind to others, and forgive. It’s good not only for others but for ourselves; and it just might add some years to your life. Another opportunity to get it right and to realize you were always capable of what you set out to do. You are ENOUGH!

With #GraceandGratitude,