HL Services

Hamilton Luxe offers sophistication, style, and functionality to your home project(s) and hosting needs.

Please make note of the following:

  • All services are virtual except for Event Planning*. Event Planning is a hybrid of virtual and on-site consultations and installment.
  • Event Planning* services have a non-refundable initial consultation fee built into price. Please see Terms & Condition for additional details regarding refund policy.
  • All Initial Consultations are non-refundable.
  • Initial Consultation are required prior to booking a service, except for Event Planning.
  • Initial Consultation fees are not deducted from service cost. In total, clients will pay consultation plus service cost.

Initial Consultation

30 minute virtual session. Discuss project design, budget and logistics.

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Linen | Utility Closet

1hr virtual session. Style and organize closets for optimized use of space and functionality

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At-Home | Hosting Services

1hr virtual session. Beautifully style your dining space for every day elegance or special in-home hosting events.

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Event Planning

4hr Service. Service includes 1hr initial consultation detailing project management & budget. Venue layout, design install & walk-through conducted on site. Two complimentary courtesy calls to keep client on task. All Communication for planning and budget conducted via email. Flat rate service ($125 non-refundable initial consultation fee included in price). See additional terms & services regarding refund policy.

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Kitchen Organization | Tier #1

1.5hr virtual session. Style and organize cabinets & drawers.

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Kitchen Organization | Tier #2

1.5hr virtual session. Style and organize pantry.

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Home Office | Style & Organize

1.5hr virtual session. Style and organize home office for functionality and elegance.

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#LIVELUXE | The Experience

Monthly Email subscription service. Hamilton Luxe #LIVELUXE | The Experience is a monthly newsletter delivered to your inbox the 1st day of each month. This service offers recipe tips, décor ideas, and ways to elevate your everyday living experience! You’ll also receive advanced notice of HL Virtual Events, Promo offers, and Sales!

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