Style & Organization

Depending upon the layout of your kitchen, you might not have a window view over the sink. That’s ok! Style the area attractively to the eye. Use florals, candles, and place towel and dishcloth holders in convenient places. Detergents can be stored in cabinets underneath the sink to eliminate clutter and save on counterspace.

Your kitchen drawers don’t have to be a drab — Glam them up! Create uniformity by organizing your flatware in matching drawer organizing trays. It’s always ideal to use shelf liners to keep items from shifting when opening and closing drawers. Choose colors that are on theme with your kitchen or play it safe with neutrals – clear, white or gray organizing trays.

I love using white accessories when styling a kitchen. They make for a clean, bright and airy look to a counterspace if you must have items out. Why not display them elegantly, shown here housing flour and sugar in porcelain patterned canisters. Pair it on top of a lovely tray for added allure.

The Cloffice (closet-office). For inspiration create a gallery wall. You can display family photos or make it a 3D vision board area. It can be photos of travel destinations, fashion, or whatever you desire. Have fun! Anchor it with matching frames of varying sizes. You can stick with frames in the same color or blend as seen here. Frames with matting always make for a polished and professional feature.

Treat your laundry room like every other space in your home. It deserves attention too, with the same level of detail and style as your living room. You don’t have to go overboard, but you can add style with containers and canisters to house detergents and supplies. Add signs and pictures if that is your aesthetic, and use baskets to organize linens and other necessities.

No one is going to see your closet?! Wrong…you see it! Bring order and function to it by using the same hangers to give uniformity. Color coordinate your clothing for an easy go-to outfit choice. Whether you choose to use shelves for handbags or shoes, display them in a way that’s easy to see what you have on inventory. You can keep shoes in their original boxes, but be sure to display them with the picture facing you; or opt to organize in clear shoe bins.